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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rumors of PIPSC Members Scapegoating Staff in lead up to PIPSC AGM

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Members of the local have voiced concerns about rumors that candidates and PIPSC members are openly criticizing and scapegoating staff during the lead up to the PIPSC AGM and Presidential election. The lead up to AGMs and elections is always chaotic and stressful. It has traditionally been called the "silly season." I can say in my 10 years at PIPSC, this is the worst I've seen and it is a serious issue.

There is one important thing to consider as we move through this difficult time. While a minority of PIPSC members are involved in the antics of the AGM and the elections, we provide the services on which the more than 55 thousand regular PIPSC members rely. Providing these services in our usual professional, expert and reliable way will protect the credibility of the Institute as it undergoes this political and financial turmoil and instability. Our services are the value most PIPSC members get for their union dues. When the smoke clears from the AGM and election our common enemy will still be the Conservative government that is attacking our Unions and our members everyday. 

In the meantime, I have been directed by the Unifor Local 3011 Executive to address this destructive behaviour with PIPSC. If any Unifor member has any concerns they should speak to a steward or member of the Executive.

In Solidarity, 

Jamie Dunn
President, Unifor Local 3011

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