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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bargaining and Tentative Deal Update

Sisters and Brothers:

According to our local by-laws, when a tentative agreement is rejected the local must hold a strike vote. After consulting with Unifor we are going to hold this vote in a way that puts the tentative agreement before the members combined with a strike vote, which is the normal procedure in
Unifor. The ballot will say: “Yes, I accept the tentative agreement”/ “No, I reject the tentative agreement and authorize the Union to engage in job action up to and including a strike”.

A meeting for this purpose will be held Friday March 28, 2014 at noon at the Chimo Hotel in the
Frobisher/ Hudson room. There will be a brief info session at the start of the meeting. It is important for all members to attend to get an update and ask whatever questions they may have prior to voting.PIPSC has authorized members to take up to 2 hours to attend this important meeting. Time taken in addition to your regular lunch break will have to be made up or taken as leave or flex.

However; I have just learned that we are in the process of discussing a mediation meeting  with the Employer and do not have a final date or time, so the meeting  tomorrow may be postponed in the event that we are able to confirm a  time and date for mediation. You will get confirmation tomorrow morning. Please make plans to attend the meeting in the mean time.

In Solidarity,

Jamie Dunn,
President, Unifor Local 3011

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